Monthly Archives: November 2012

Using Cellphones as VBX VoIP Extensions

Many modern cell phones have the ability to use WiFi in an office for connecting to the Internet, and to use 3G/HSDPA for the same purpose while outside the office. This ability of smartphones can be further utilized to connect to a VBX using VoIP at the same time as the phone continues to connect […]

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Copper Cable Theft

We at VBX are often told “We have no Telkom infrastructure” or “The Telkom copper has been stolen”. We shake our heads at and say “Well do you have any other way to connect to the Internet? Maybe Wireless, 3G, Satellite or anything that gives good connectivity?” If so, then we can get our VBX […]

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Golf Day

Recently the VBX team represented the company at the Uplands Golf Day. This was the second time that VBX had taken part in such an event, and it turned out to be a great success! Besides the weather not playing its part on the day, we had fun!! Getting to hole no.5 proved to be […]

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