Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions for Businesses of all sizesVBX offers businesses a user friendly and cost-effective call centre solution for businesses of all sizes, providing instant access to a goldmine of information. Our call centre solutions are built on relevant Inbound, Outbound and Hybrid software.

Some key benefits of VBX Call Centre Solutions include:

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Affordable licensing
  • Real Time View
  • Solid and well tested in small call centres and big corporations

VBX Inbound

VBX provides solutions for small to large call centre clients.  Graphical displays show agent activity as well as call centre performance statistics.  Call recording is included.

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VBX Outbound

VBX Outbound Call Centres are a specialised field, with solutions tailored to client requirements.  VBX solutions provide for simple solutions where agents dial manually, through managed outbound campaigns to predictive dialing.

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VBX Hybrid

Hybrid Call Centres, where agents are both inbound and outbound agents, can be tailored based on the specific customer requirements, and may contain elements of both VBX Inbound and VBX Outbound.

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