Industry-Specific Solutions


Outside of pure telephony, the hospitality industry requires a number of features that due to the flexibility of the VBX open source Asterisk VoIP solution can easily be run off one platform. This provides for huge upfront cost saving whilst simultaneously reducing management and support requirements. VBX combined with the correct Telephone Management Software (TMS) also creates an opportunity for hospitality establishments to generate income from their guest’s outbound calls. The dramatic savings that VBX can offer on call costs, especially international calls, should allow the hospitality industry to recapture guest telephony revenue which has largely been lost to the private cellphone carriers.


For companies with a number of national offices, VBX open source Asterisk VoIP can easily create a branch network using the public internet. No longer is expensive connectivity such as diginet a necessity: VBX uses ADSL to successfully create an environment in which inter-branch calling is free. Inter-branch accounts for the biggest potential call cost savings and is the primary reason that multi-branch businesses are ideal VBX customers.


The proliferation of IP networks in underground mining has lead to VoIP being the natural next step in communications from the rock face to the boardroom. VoIP takes geography out of the equation by connecting remote locations and naturally re-routes around failures creating a redundant telecoms system that enables communication even during disasters. This substantially improves the likelihood of recovering and saving trapped miners by identifying exactly where they are and what medical attention is required. VBX have an open source Asterisk PBX solution specifically designed for the mining environment.


In addition to being an open source VoIP PBX business VBX is also a wireless and internet services business specialising in providing solutions to gated estates. We supply and install wireless point to multi point equipment or wireless mesh equipment depending on requirements and topography. We also provide “Last Mile” connectivity and/or wireless backhaul to more reliable internet areas. This is a truly reliable alternative to Telkom without the crippling lead times.

Once the “wireless infrastructure is in place we then provide a range of services. Services to gated complexes include Voice, Data/internet, IP security, intercom and then some more specialised products such as asset tracking and panic systems.

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