IP Phones and Gateways

IP Phones

VBX offers a wide variety of IP Phones, including:

1)   Switchboard Operator Phone, with optional extension keypads.

2)   Executive/Secretary deskphones.

3)   Deskphones with speakerphone capability.

4)   Softphones for PC Workstations or Laptops

5)   Softphones for cellphones with WiFi/3G capability

6)   DECT base stations with cordless handsets.

7)   Ceiling speakers or public-address speakers for P.A. announcements.

8)   Wall-mounted intercoms or door-access-speakerphones.


VBX systems can integrate with TDM-based trunk lines using a variety of technologies:

1)   Analogue trunk gateways for connection to Telkom landlines (or upstream analogue PABX systems).

2)   ISDN/BRI gateways for connection to Basic Rate ISDN lines.

3)   ISDN/PRI gateways for conenction to Telkom (or PABX) Primary Rate 30-channel lines.

4)   Analogue phone gateways for connection to existing analogue phone networks using existing older       RJ11 copper infastructure.

5)   Distributed analogue phone gateways for connection to fax machines.

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