Rural Internet

Rural Internet

Rural Internet

Mesh Potatoes can also be used to provide basic Rural Internet and telephone services to rural communities where traditional telecommunication services are not provided due to cost or cable-theft issues.

Rural Internet Solutions from VBX

Each house within the village could have a Mesh Potato fitted.  If electricity is not available, the Mesh Potatoes can be powered by a small solar panel and battery.
The entire village could then be connected via a shared “supernode” in a village centre such a school. The Rural Internet supernode could be linked to the world via long-distance wireless, or even a satellite link.
For a village deployment to be successful, it would be advisable to have a local entrepreneur take responsibility for the supernode as well as the sale of prepaid calling cards for calls outside the village.  All calls within the village may be free.
This type of rural internet solution is an ideal way to bridge the digital divide and bring Internet and inexpensive communication to isolated communities.

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