The Future of fax

The Future of fax

Does fax really have a future? We are currently moving in the era of send an e-mail and save a tree. We just can’t deny this route.
Still it remains a two way split. Some say yes and some say no to the future of fax.
According Kyle Flowers and Greg Smith from J2 Global Communications — which just happens to own the eFax online faxing service– the future of old-school faxing is in buzzword-of-the-month cloud computing.

Despite the widespread perception that it’s a hopelessly outmoded technology, Flowers points out that “faxing remains a very necessary part of most small businesses.” The vast majority of companies, he says, “have at least one fax number.”

No one is arguing that traditional faxing’s best days are long passed. But that’s where cloud computing comes in, Flowers says. As owners of eFax – (which lets you send and receive faxes via email), J2 says moving faxing to the Net (or the cloud) will help re-integrate it into the business mainstream.
There will always be a need to send paper documents, some of which must have signatures on.
People tend to stick to what they know and it would take an enormous change to make people forget about fax.

Below is a link to a detailed explanation of the future of fax.

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