VBX Call Centre Inbound

VBX Call Centre Inbound is a VBX Head Office or VBX Enterprise system with additional call centre functionality.  VBX Inbound allows for multiple queues and many agents.  For larger call centres, VBX will engage in a custom design to ensure that an optimal system is provided for the number of agents, as well as for predicted call centre growth.

The following screenshot show an active VBX Call Centre client:

VBX Inbound provides graphical displays of important measures of call centre performance, including Service Level Agreement, Abandon Rates, Call Distributions, Agent Activity and a lot more. These stats can be exported to CSV Excel files, or to PDF reports. Calls can be recorded and retrieved, either on the VBX itself or they can be provided in a Windows-accessible disk share, from which they can be copied to archive media.
For example:

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