VBX Prides itself on its service!

VBX Prides itself on its service!

We recently, with a Corporate, had a problem where the supplier of the telephone line refused to acknowledge that the fault on the line was with them. This is often the case and causes continual antagonism between the PBX supplier and the line supplier. This is multiplied when one uses VoIP.
The result of this was that VBX had to phone Canada for support, spent over 4 hours trying to debug the problem to finally find that there was no problem from the VBX side.
VBX prides itself in the support it gives, but the time and cost it took to resolve this problem when the problem was not ours is extremely annoying. The line provider finally acknowledged and resolved the fault.
The client apologised and offered the companies thanks to VBX for the work we had done and for our professionalism.
We all know who the line provider is and that often there is an effort made, especially at management level. However when it comes down to the “do” level and to try and work together to resolve issues it is really very difficult. I wonder when, if ever, people from two different companies can work together to try and resolve both their clients issues and requirements. How that would increase turnaround times, efficiency and general relationships. We live in hope!

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