VBX Virtual

The VBX Head Office System is designed for large office environments, typically with more than 50 extensions, and ranging up to several hundred extensions. It is often deployed in central office locations or larger branch locations, and may have many remote extensions. Sometimes this system is deployed in a data center environment, hosting several hundred remote extensions in a network of branches.

The VBX Virtual is our system image encapsulated in a VmWare appliance, typically running on an ESXi server typically using the same hardware as our VBX Head Office or VBX Enterprise solutions. This version of our system can obviously not include any internal interfaces cards (such as an ISDN/PRI card), but it can use external gateways to provide the same functionality. This configuration is most useful in a hosted or multi-tenant environment such as a Business Park. In this role, a single hardware device, located in a site management office can provide independent virtual PBX systems to the various tenants.

The VBX Virtual system can also serve as a hosted PBX in an ISP datacentre, providing remote sites with PBX functionality. Several VBX clients which have multiple branches often use a VBX Virtual in a data centre as the central VBX to provide the central switchpoint between multiple branches – the smaller branches may have only one or two VoIP telephones connected to the central VBX Virtual, while larger branches may have a VBX Office system acting as a subsidiary PBX to the central system.

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