VoIP Phones | VBX Business VoIP

VBX offers several alternative PBX systems to meet your specific business’s needs.

PBX Systems | Business VoIPVBX Office

Our system for small offices and a small number of extensions.

The VBX Office system is designed for small offices, with typically 10 to 30 VoIP Phone extensions.

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PBX Online | VoIP for BusinessVBX Head Office

Our system for a large office or head office with multiple branches.

The VBX Head Office system is a 1U server capable of supporting hundreds of VoIP Phones extensions, depending on system requirements.

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PBX Systems | VoIP PhonesVBX Enterprise

Our system for very large companies with several branches.

The VBX Enterprise system is a 4U server designed to be used where higher levels of resilience and functionality demand higher powered solutions.
Typically these solutions are custom-built to meet high performance or high availability requirements.

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PBX Online | Inbound Call CentreVBX Cloud

Our hosted VBX solution.

VBX systems can be configured as cloud-based systems, hosted in our data centres, with only small routers, telephones and PSTN-gateways on customer premises. These solutions are often ideal for companies with multiple, small branches, and where the Internet infrastructure is stable and reliable enough to support a cloud-based solution.

Given the relative unreliability of the African telecommunications infrastructure, where weather and cable theft can often seriously impact WAN (wide area network) connectivity, client often prefer to have onsite VBX systems so that loss of Internet connectivity does not impact the PBX services, other than to temporarily lose the benefit of lower cost VoIP call routing. However, as the reliability of the Internet increases, especially in major urban centres, there is a trend towards outsourcing of the PBX systems functionality to the “cloud”. VBX Telecom has servers located in major data centres, and is able to provide outsourced PBX capability where this is appropriate and desirable.

VoIP Service Providers | PBX SystemsVBX Virtual

Our virtual VBX solution.

The VBX Virtual system is a VmWare-hosted appliance which runs on a VmWare ESXi server, and has all the functionality of hardware-based systems. This version of our software has been deployed in multiple roles:

  1. As a hosted system in a data centre, servicing multiple small remote offices and handsets.
  2. Mutiple VBXVm images have been deployed on a single VBX1000-hardware server in a business park, where each of the businesses in the complex has their own.
  3. In a training role, where each student has their own VBX for training purposes.

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